Lesson 8, Topic 1
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Using Multi-window in your classroom

Teacher in front of ActivPanel pointing to It's your turn

How can you use Multi-window in your classroom?

The multi-window feature on the Promethean ActivPanel allows you to engage students with multimedia content fully.  It brings learning alive for students and allows for meaningful and interactive lessons. The ActivPanel allows up to four windows to be displayed simultaneously.  It’s your turn now to try and use the Multi-window feature in your classroom. Here are some ideas for you to try.

  • Try showing a YouTube video on one side and model notetaking with the Promethean Whiteboard on the other
  • Use a math instruction video on the left with a worksheet the students are working with on the left.
  • Have an article open on the left side with a PDF on the right that helps students find information from the text to answer questions
  • Share student writing via a PDF, and have students brainstorm ideas to help improve and bring up your notes on the concept you are working on within the Promethean Whiteboard.
  • Share images of artifacts from two different time periods via the Chromium browser and use the Promethean Whiteboard Venn diagram to compare and contrast the artifacts.

Try our using Multi-window and discover the benefits for engaging students within your classroom.