Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Science Lab

Students can showcase their hands-on manipulatives and science experiments by utilizing the Camera Tool within ClassFlow’s Creative Poll.

To begin, login to your ClassFlow teacher account on your ActivPanel and connect student devices to your class session.

Initiate a Creative Poll from your ActivPanel.

Students may locate the camera tool on their device to take a picture of their science experiment and select Submit. Once they submit their work, the results will display on the ActivPanel.

Tap the student card to display more options, like color coding for categorizing responses, initiating another poll from the student response, deleting the student card, or displaying the student card full screen.

Tap the magnifying glass to display the student card full screen.

Select the Capture App from the Unified Menu and crop the image.

Once the image is cropped to your liking, select DONE, then select OPEN IN WHITEBOARD.

Select the pen tool to discuss density and label items that sink and float.

Select the three dots, then select Export PDF Screenshot to save this student’s work to their student portfolio. In this example, let’s save to our connected Microsoft OneDrive account. Tap Save to Device .

Select the Microsoft OneDrive account, give the file a title, then select SAVE.