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Polling with ClassFlow (Certified Teacher INT)

Once you have student devices connected to your ClassFlow lesson you can make use of the Quick Poll option to gather feedback, opinions and points of view and check understanding over any application you are using on your computer.

You can quickly start a poll by selecting the Start A Quick Poll option from your teacher Home Screen.

There are eight different polling options. Choose the polling option you wish to use and it will automatically be sent to your student’s connected devices.


Watch the video below to find out more about Polling with ClassFlow:



Now that you have created your ClassFlow Teacher account and know how to get your student’s devices connected to your lesson using your Open Class Code, it is time to try it out with your class!

Remember, you don’t need to create anything in ClassFlow to use the Quick Polling options. Just get your students connected and when the opportunity arises to ask your class a question, gather feedback, check understanding, get answers from everyone by sending a poll. Once all answers are in, make sure the ClassFlow page is visible on your ActivPanel and discuss the answers provided.

You don’t have to have one device per student to give ClassFlow a try. A smaller number of devices shared with groups of learners is still a great way of giving it a try.