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Opening Explain Everything projects with Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

You may easily create Explain Everything lessons from within your *Explain Everything account. Begin by creating your Explain Everything lesson in a web browser at https://explaineverything.com/.

*Available with all Explain Everything plans.

Select the export icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, select Export as, then Project.

Select Proceed with Export.

Find your exported Explain Everything project in your computer’s Downloads file and upload it to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

On your ActivPanel 9 or ActivPanel 9 Premium, make sure you have linked your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to Promethean Cloud Connect in the Applications Menu. Click on the links to watch a video on linking your accounts.

Open the Explain Everything Whiteboard app from the Applications Menu. From the Home screen, tap Files.

Select your connected Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Tap the Explain Everything file.

The project will open directly into the Explain Everything Whiteboard app.