Lesson 7, Topic 1
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Integrations intro

To access integrations, select Devices, then Integrations from the App Switcher.

Currently, you may enable Google Play for all or selected Elements Series panels within your organization.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Enabling access to the Google Play Store also enables Google Mobile Service (GMS or Google Services) for your Promethean ActivPanel®. Promethean ActivPanels are not Google Play Protect certified devices. Therefore, the decision to enable GMS is 100% your choice and should be made by an authorized and informed decision maker. Learn more about GMS on Promethean ActivPanels.
By enabling this feature, you acknowledge that you are authorized to make this decision on behalf of your organization or institution.

Google Play is disabled by default. To enable Google Play for all or selected panels, select the pencil icon.

You will be presented with some information and an important notification. Toggle Google Play Store on and scroll down.

Choose to enable Google Play for all panels or panels by site. Be sure to Save your selection.

You will receive a confirmation.

Within your panel management window, you will now see that Google Play is enabled. You may modify integrations at any time.



Select View details beside Installation status to view installation status information, like installation error messages.


Learn more about enabling integrations: