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Connecting Students (Certified Teacher INT)

Students using any type of internet-enabled device may connect to your ClassFlow session.

Learners can connect to your ClassFlow lesson by opening Google Chrome or Safari on their device and entering:

They will then be prompted to enter the Class Code and click Join.








The code for your Open Class is always that same. This can be found in the top right corner of your Teacher Account.

Your Open Class code is made up of 5 characters and is unique to your Teacher Account (denoted by the xxxxx in the image below).







Once students have entered the Class Code and clicked Join they will be asked to enter their name and click Join Anyway.


The holding screen will let the student know that they are connected to your lesson and waiting for you to tell them what to do.


Watch this short video about connecting students through Open Class to learn more:

[learnvideo width=”640″ height=”360″ mp4=”″][/learnvideo]

Polling with ClassFlow

Once your students have connected to your ClassFlow Open Class Code you can start using the built-in polling options with no preparation needed. The next topic in this lesson covers how to get started using Polls with your learners.


Try connecting to your ClassFlow Teacher account as a student by using the web browser on your phone or another mobile device. It is always best to test the process before trying to use it with your learners!