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ClassFlow Connect in ActivInspire (Certified Teacher INT)

ClassFlow Connect in ActivInspire enables you to connect student devices to your flipchart lessons for instant feedback, polling and assessment opportunities.

The ClassFlow Connect button in ActivInspire is located at the top right of your software window. If you are using an older version of the ActivInspire software this button may look slightly different but they work the same way.

Note The ClassFlow Connect button is only available in ActivInspire Professional Edition and you must have a ClassFlow account to use this feature.

Connecting to through ActivInspire

Before you log in to ClassFlow through ActivInspire you will most likely need to change a small setting.

ActivInspire by default will direct you to the website. But not to the correct site for the UK. First, we will need to make sure it is pointed towards the correct server.

In ActivInspire go to File in the top menu and select Settings. Once the Window has opened tap the ClassFlow Tab on the far right.

Click Server Address on the right of the window. In the Server connection field, you need to type and then click Update. 

Now click Account and Sign In using your ClassFlow credentials.

Once logged in your unique 5-digit will appear at the top of the ActivInspire window.

Watch the video below to find out more about using the ClassFlow Connect button with your learners:

ActivInspire – ClassFlow Connect Course

We have a whole course on Learn Promethean devoted to getting started with and using this feature of ActivInspire. We suggest that you enrol and complete the ActivInspire – ClassFlow Connect course to understand the full potential of this feature for use with your learners.