View the ActivPanel 9 Premium on a laptop

A teacher teaches a lesson in front of his class using the ActivPanel 9.

Imagine delivering your lessons with unparalleled clarity and resolution, whether your students are in the same room or joining remotely. No more straining to see the screen or missing out on essential details. With the latest Promethean Desktop app release, everyone gets a front-row seat to your engaging lessons.

With View ActivPanel, you can seamlessly share your ActivPanel 9 Premium screen in hybrid, remote, or large lecture learning environments, virtual meetings, and more!

To enjoy this feature, make sure your ActivPanel 9 Premium is running firmware version 1.4 or higher and head over to and download the latest version of the Promethean Desktop app.

If you find yourself in a large lecture hall, View ActivPanel becomes a helpful tool for captivating learners throughout the room. No matter where they’re seated, they’ll have an immersive view of your teaching, ensuring no one misses out on the educational experience.

Want to know more? Watch our quick demo video now or visit Promethean Support for the full list of updates.