Using Promethean Classroom Essential apps in your lessons

Instructor using Promethean Classroom Essential apps

The Promethean Classroom Essential Apps, preinstalled on the ActivPanel, include powerful tools to increase engagement and enhance instruction. These beloved apps have been created especially for the classroom with you and your students in mind. The apps are easily accessible from your ActivPanel.  These apps are extremely user-friendly and tailored to best suit you and your student’s needs. This suite of apps allows for a seamless flow of instruction and activity integration and when paired together, can add endless shuffling and surprise. Using Classroom Essential Apps allows your students to experience content that is interactive and engaging.

Classroom agility with the Screen Share app

The Screen Share app is one of the most loved features in the Classroom Essential Apps suite. It allows you to share the screens of up to four connected devices simultaneously and control each device from the panel. This app is a great feature for students to share work with the class in a seamless manner.

With Screen Share you are able to:

  • Share presentation slides from Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • Share group discussions or lab results
  • Share writing for class writing conferences or writer’s tea
  • Show articles for current events
  • Share your computer screen from your desk in another area of the room
  • Decrease time spent shuffling students and computers to share content with others
  • Increase student understanding by sharing their work and ideas through idea maps and webs
  • And much more!

Review activities and centers with the Activity Player app

Activities are one of the most loved features in ActivInspire. Bring those created activities right onto your panel with the Activity Player app. ActivInspire activities allow for student review and learning through ten distinct self-checking activities. This app brings your panel to life as a stand-alone kiosk for student engagement.

The uses for the Activities Player are as endless as your creativity:

  • Flash card review
  • Matching beginning/ending sounds
  • Labeling science diagrams
  • Sequencing for story comprehension
  • Memory and matching games
  • Color and word-matching games
  • Definition of content crossword puzzles and word searches
  • Sorting with Venn Diagrams

Combining Classroom Essential apps to enhance classroom instruction

Adding the Spinner to a lesson allows the element of surprise to any lesson and keeps students engaged and excited. Combining this feature with a Whiteboard lesson guides students through the material in a random fashion. These two apps combined advance your lessons to a new level of excitement for your students. Combining these features and adding a timer adds the gamification-feel with every lesson.

The Promethean Spinner App allows for up to 60 custom-made entries for each spinner you create. Spinners are easily changed with the pencil edit icon.

Practical classroom examples using the Spinner app:

  • Student name picker
  • Random number chooser
  • Use for verb conjugation in foreign language courses (i.e. four spinners – name, verb, verb tense, pronoun)
  • Four spinners with mathematics operations for order of operations problem solving
  • Place value number building (gamify this by having students write numbers in place value to get the highest value)
  • Parts of speech spinners for sentence writing
  • Mental mathematics problems generated with multiple spinners
  • Mathematics equations on spinner for students to spin and solve on the whiteboard
  • Geographic place names or features loaded on a spinner allow students to identify on a map through the Annotate app or whiteboard.
  • Plug latitude and longitude coordinates in the spinner and have students find the location on a globe or map
  • Use spinners for plotting points on coordinate planes in mathematics

Explore more Classroom Essential apps

The possibilities are endless with the Classroom Essential Apps suite on your Promethean ActivPanel. Explore more about how this deluxe group of apps can enhance your instruction through the Learn Promethean videos. Making your classroom an engaging experience is made easier through the use of the Promethean Classroom Essential Apps.