Using gestures to interact with ActivInspire on your ActivPanel

This is an image of a student and teaching collaborating on the Promethean ActivPanel.

The ActivInspire 2.24 update now has an integrated Universal Pointer Device Driver (UPDD) which provides several touch/multi-touch based gestures for macOS users. You will have access to the touch gestures below when connected to an ActivPanel*:

*Any touch or multi-touch when using ActivInspire is handled by ActivInspire, not UPDD.

Visit Promethean Support for more information and release notes.

Lesson ideas

  • Use the Five Finger Pinch Expand to manipulate and rotate shapes and objects on your flipchart
  • Use the Two Finger Drag to display answers or images that are layered and hidden on your flipchart
  • Add a page turn effect to enhance your lesson. To change the effect for a single page, go to Property Browser and look for the Page menu. Select the three horizontal dots next to Page Turn Effects. This will apply the effect to run only when you navigate away from this page.
This image shows the page turn effect features in ActivInspire.

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