Using Desktop Annotate in your lessons

A person holding a stylus uses Promethean's ActivInspire Software

The ActivInspire Desktop Annotate tool allows for easy interaction with existing resources, websites, and
more. Using Desktop Annotate allows teachers and students to seamlessly type, write and highlight on top of anything on your desktop. If you are projecting a PDF, website, or video through your connected device and need a quick tool to make annotations on top of the content, ActivInspire Desktop Annotate is the tool for you.

Opening and Using Desktop Annotate

Image of info-graphic showing how to open Desktop Annotate in ActivInspire

Once you have opened an ActivInspire Flipchart, select the Annotate icon which can be found on the Dashboard, from the drop-down Tools menu, or from the Icon in the toolbox.

When you click on the Annotate tool, it will appear as if ActivInspire has closed.

Annotate on top of anything that appears on your desktop. All of the amazing tools within the ActivInspire toolbox are available in Desktop Annotation mode. Click the Annotate icon to return to your ActivInspire flipchart. You have the option to save the flipchart before exiting ActivInspire.

Use the mouse, a slate or touchpad on your device to annotate, or use the ActivPanel pen.

When you are finished with your annotations, you simply select the Annotate icon in the toolbox to return to your flipchart. When you return to the Flipchart, your annotations will appear in the browser for you to save if so desired.

Use cases for ActivInspire Desktop Annotate

There are so many ways to use ActivInspire Desktop Annotate:

  • Annotation on top of maps or graphs
  • Annotate on web-based or scanned articles or PDFs
  • Highlight on articles pulled from the web as students read or take notes
  • Use to show log in and instructions for students on websites
  • When on a website for student use, show group codes or other information students need to enter workspaces, perfectly mirroring the student experience
  • Stop and discuss videos and write student responses right on top of the content

Watch this video to learn more about ActivInspire Desktop Annotate.

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