Using a webcam to connect with your remote learners

A teacher in a classroom instructs her virtual students, shown on Promethean's ActivPanel

Adjusting to a remote educational space has shifted the way in which we connect with our students. How do we continue to ensure they feel connected to our lessons, even when miles apart? Re-structuring your classroom space to include a webcam and tripod, like the Promethean® Distance Learning Bundle, supports your remote learners by providing them with the look and feel of being in the classroom with you. With a clear view of you and your ActivPanel ®, students can engage more fully with you, your virtual lesson, and their peers.

Determine a location in your classroom with good visibility of you and your ActivPanel. Next, simply mount the webcam on the tripod, connect it to a laptop with the extension cable, and log in to your favorite conferencing app—Zoom™, Microsoft Teams™, Google Meet™, or Google Hangouts™. You’re ready to teach!

Explore Video Conferencing on Your ActivPanel with ZoomGoogle Meet  | Microsoft Teams

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