Top STEM apps to start using today

A young student studies Math, Science, and History

There is a growing need for workers in STEM-related jobs in the workforce such as computing and traditional engineering. This has created a larger push for these skills in the classroom. Not only does STEM prepare students for these career paths, but it also gives students the skills necessary to be successful in today’s world regardless of job choice. With a focus on collaboration, communication, research, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity, STEM develops higher-level thinking skills for all students involved.

Technology is an integral part of any STEM lesson. It can help students with their planning and design, or it can become a tool for facilitating the lesson. Either way, the Promethean solution – both hardware and software – allows for a seamless integration of technology for your STEM instruction.

Here is a preview of our top STEM app recommendations. Download the full guide to learn about our recommendations of apps and interactive websites.

1. Brain It On!
This app provides deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain! Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They’re not as easy as they look.

2. Solar Walk
Solar Walk provides an impressive wealth of information about our solar system, planets, and stars presented as an amazing 3D model that can be rotated and zoomed easily.

3. Code Carbon
Take control of your own planet! Balance energy with emissions in the face of a growing population and worsening climate change in this simulation strategy game.