Summer learning

Portrait of a young woman working on a laptop at home

You made it to summer break! Congrats on completing another challenging school year. We know that you’re eager to relax…but your inner lifelong learner is bound to surface at some point, curious to learn new strategies and techniques to engage your students in the fall. We’ve got you covered for when that passion kicks in. 

Camp Promethean 

Everybody’s favorite day of professional development is back! Choose from dozens of hour-long sessions on Thursday, July 13, designed to help you best utilize Promethean tools in your classroom in exciting and inventive ways. The entire event is free, virtual, and you can register for as many sessions as you can fit in. You’ll receive a certificate for each session you attend for proof of PD. Best of all, you can learn from your couch, next to the pool, or at your Airbnb!  

Short how-to videos

Clocking in at around two minutes per video, you can pick up new Promethean skills over your morning coffee. Whether you’re just getting started or a semi-pro, each video playlist has plenty of options to choose from. Start watching now and increase your knowledge. 

Online courses

Register for a free Learn Promethean account to access engaging online courses that span the range of Promethean products. We design courses with you in mind—both to provide a solid foundation, and present relevant classroom examples to help get the gears turning. You’ll earn a certificate upon completing each course as proof of PD. There are course offerings to meet your needs, regardless of your experience with Promethean products. Visit our online courses section today! 

Printable guides

Self-teaching is fantastic, but have you ever wished for an instruction manual? Explore our comprehensive PDF guides to learn all the ins and outs of your Promethean hardware and software. Or download and send the file to your school or district’s print shop so you have a hard copy on hand in time for the upcoming school year. 

Follow us on social media

Our Promethean Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are a handy place to learn quick tips and tricks, and take inspiration from educators across the country using Promethean in fresh, creative ways. We encourage you to share your fun lessons and activities with us too!