Stay Inspired: New ActivInspire update will engage students

The ActivInspire Screen is show several apps

Propelling an active learning environment from day one is easy with educational software solutions from Promethean. Updating to the latest version of ActivInspire will equip you with cutting-edge tools to get the most out of your classroom interactive display. In this article, we will explore how ActivInspire’s new features will entice students to the front of the class and create the ultimate ActivPanel learning experience.

Ready, Prep, Go.

Instead of bogging you down with complicated steps, educational software should make preparing and delivering lessons more efficient. After importing an existing lesson, downloading the Resource Pack will give you access to lesson building materials that can be incorporated into an existing Flipchart.

Personalize your main toolbar by adding the most popular features in your lesson practices – layer lessons with Magic Ink, start a review session with the Spotlight Tool, or add the new Dashboard icon for quick access to interactive whiteboard software tools.

Activities – Just One Click Away

The Dashboard is one of the most improved features on ActivInspire. It gives you one-click access to adaptive tools that are flexible to your learning environment, with the option to select up to 10 different activity types. For example, you are reviewing a math unit on types of angles and want a low prep exit ticket. Click on Activities from the Dashboard to design a Memory Activity that matches a picture of the angle with corresponding text on another card.

After you have finished designing the Memory Activity, you have the ability to edit, save, and add each exercise to specific Flipchart pages. ActivPanel Titanium’s 20 points of simultaneous touch on ActivInspire v2.16 and above are optimal for classroom interactive displays that support 4K technology.

Time on Your Side

Stay connected on your laptop without constantly changing input sources in ActivInspire. From the Dashboard, click Timer to set up the desired number of widgets that will float on top of an application or live video. Launching Timer directly from the Dashboard gives you offline access to the software.

For example, you are showing students an interactive video of Earth’s water cycle. After making live annotations on top of the video with Desktop Annotate, choose the Timer from the Dashboard to segue into a small group discussion. Click the plus icon to insert the number of timer widgets that match the number of groups. From the widget, select the desired time for the exercise, allowing you to continue teaching without interruption.

ActivInspire 2.21 updates offer educational software solutions that grow technological pedagogical content at a pace that matches research practices. With ample follow-up professional development resources, your time to grow as a tech-savvy teacher is now.