Special education brilliance with Promethean

A young student writing on Promethean's ActivPanel

The Promethean ActivPanel is highly intuitive for the classroom and was built for breakthroughs.  It is proven that interactive whiteboards increase student learning, and adding excitement and engagement to the classroom is critical for today’s students.  But the ActivPanel is more than just an entertaining tool. It has been proven to increase success in all students, especially those that have learning challenges. The ActivPanel opens learning to diverse student populations.  It allows for positive peer interaction, gets students moving, and creates a multi-sensory environment.

The special education population of students often finds it difficult to stay attentive to lessons.  The interactivity that is automatically built into any lesson presented on the ActivPanel makes this less of a challenge.  The ActivPanel makes it easy to create and present lessons that engage students at all levels.

For students with learning or physical challenges, teachers seek lessons to get their students up and moving.  This is a snap with the Promethean ActivPanel.  Teachers find students thrive where there are multiple ways to engage with material, so why not use that app or website on your ActivPanel.

Get them writing

Many students find fine motor activities to be difficult, but the ActivPanel effectively meets their needs.  The ActivPanel has multiple ways in which to interact with content, beyond the twenty points of simultaneous touch.  Touch is accepted from the included pens or interacting with a finger.  The ActivPanel will also respond to touch with items like a tennis ball or soft tip pointer as well. 

There is also an available setting on the ActivPanel to turn off palm erase mode for those that need help with balance while interacting with the ActivPanel. The Whiteboard app comes equipped with several handwriting and graphing papers that are easily integrated into your lessons. These features, along with many more, break barriers for students.

In addition to the ActivPanel technology, Promethean’s well-loved presentation software, ActivInspire, is equipped with handwriting recognition to assist with writing difficulties, and with a tethered or shared device.

For those with visual impairments, the ActivPanel allows multiple background colors in the Whiteboard App and you can quickly and easily enlarge text and graphics.  The ActivPanel also features an anti-glare surface that allows easy viewing throughout the classroom.

Get their attention

Students with attention or behavior challenges discover many benefits to using the Promethean ActivPanel.  Students find the ActivPanel to be an irresistible learning tool and it is quick and easy to make any lesson engaging with the Promethean Whiteboard app. Using the multi-window mode allows you to meet these students by having up to 4 different apps with content to move between. With multiple windows open, these students are able to stay engaged by viewing all discussed content in one place.

More enticing content and interactivity of lessons are proven to keep the attention of students, and creating these types of lessons are simple with ActivInpsire as well.

Meeting the needs of all students has never been easier when you have the brilliance of the Promethean ActivPanel in your classroom.  Check out the Promethean Resource Library for ready-made learning resources.

Activity and learning templates are also available under Shared Resources in ActivInspire.

Coupling the ActivPanel with ActivInspire, a highly intuitive, interactive, and engaging interface is created.