Sharing your Promethean Whiteboard files

An instructor shares Whiteboard files

Creating Promethean Whiteboard activities can be an easy way to engage your students. Once you have created your activity in the Promethean Whiteboard app, you may even share your activities with your colleagues!

Promethean Whiteboard files save as a unique file type: .pwb. You may wish to save your whiteboard activities directly to your ActivPanel, to a USB, or your connected Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Access save options by selecting the three vertical dots from the whiteboard menu.

To change the save location, select the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

You may now share your saved file with colleagues. In order to access your activity, your colleagues must open the file within the Promethean Whiteboard app. You may also choose to export your file as a PDF and share with your colleagues or students.