Quick ways to engage learners

This image shows a teacher and student collaborating in Promethean's ActivInspire software.

Engaged learners bring curiosity, interest, and passion to their learning. As teachers, engaging learners can sometimes be a challenge when competing with all of today’s electronic distractions. We can sometimes get overwhelmed with trying to keep our students motivated to learn our content, but there are quick ways to keep students engrossed in what they are learning. With our interactive displays and software, Promethean offers educational and innovative solutions that allow for higher levels of student engagement

We often think of student engagement as how much interaction is going on verbally between the teacher and the learners. While this is an important piece, there are many different factors that are key to student engagement and can increase learning retention. There is little doubt that students who are more engaged in their learning environment enjoy school more and have a higher achievement rate.   

Boost student engagement with Promethean 

The ActivPanel is transforming classrooms worldwide through increased collaboration and engagement.  

This image displays the Promethean Classroom Essential apps.

The built-in Classroom Essential apps allow students to become an integral part of their own learning. Students can share their thoughts and learning through the Screen Share app. Whether it’s sharing a presentation or their daily work, they easily become an active participant in the lesson.  

Use the Screen Recording app to achieve a flipped classroom scenario by recording a lesson or lecture for students to view prior to class. This gives students the opportunity to come to class and engage in collaborative learning with their peers or explore problem sets with creative and independent thinking. This allows your class time to be re-purposed for assessment, inquiry, and application. 

The Promethean Whiteboard app comes equipped with many pre-loaded charts and templates.  Using these can help you assess students’ prior knowledge and share ideas and insights during lessons. The whiteboard also allows saving directly to a connected Google® or Microsoft® cloud account that allows students to reflect on the content as needed.  

Gamification is a quick way to engage students, and the ActivPanel includes Spinner and Timer apps that easily add this element. Use the Timer during presentations and activities to set limits on brainstorming or work time. Using the Spinner for writing prompts, energizers, or welcome icebreakers is always a hit. For math, you can use the Spinner to call on a student to explain the strategies they used. When students can share their own thoughts, they grow as thinkers and learners. 

ActivInspire allows for the creation and delivery of interactive lessons that entice students to become involved in their learning. You can create engaging lessons easily by adding to images or text.   

Promethean is leading the way to transform the classroom through increased student engagement.  The ActivPanel and ActivInspire software give you so many tools for active learning, increased discussion opportunities, and easy classroom games