Quick start guide for the ActivPanel 9

Active Panel 9 Center Console

Do you have an ActivPanel 9 or ActivPanel 9 Premium in your classroom? Get up and running in no time with these five quick start tips and download or bookmark the one pager below as a reference.

How to begin using your ActivPanel 9

Step 1: Plug your ActivPanel 9 into a power source

This image describes plugging the ActivPanel 9 into an electrical outlet for power.

Step 2: Power on the ActivPanel using the Power button on the console

This is the power button on the ActivPanel 9.

Quick tips:

  • Check to make sure the rocker switch is turned on. The rocker switch is located on the back of the ActivPanel near the power port.
  • Check to make sure that power supply cord is fully and firmly connected to your ActivPanel.

Step 3: Connect to the internet

  • Tap the Flame button on the console to access the menu
This is the flame icon to access the menu on the ActivPanel 9.
  • Tap Applications
This is the Applications Locker for the ActivPanel 9.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi
  • Choose your network and sign in

Step 4: Update the ActivPanel

This is the Update button used to update your ActivPanel 9.
  • Use the Flame button on the console to access the menu
  • Tap ApplicationsUpdateOnline Update Now

Step 5: Connect your laptop to switch sources and use content located on your laptop

This image discusses how to connect your laptop to your ActivPanel 9 using a USB-C.
This image explains how to connect your laptop to an ActivPanel 9 using HDMI and USB Touch.

You are now ready to begin engaging your students!

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