Promethean Spinner and Timer in Explain Everything

A screen showing the classroom engagement tools in Explain Everything Advanced

Explain Everything “explained”

*Promethean apps are a fun and easy way to increase student engagement, gamify your lessons, and manage activities in the classroom. Our most popular apps help you manage your lesson plans and keep track of the little things, letting you focus on what matters most.

Whether you want a fun way for your students to choose the next topic or a quick way to randomize items, the spinner is a great tool to add to your kit. You can display up to four on the whiteboard.

Timer, stopwatch, and clock
The timer is an important part of a classroom by keeping timed assignments on track, providing an alarm or buzzer when time is up, or measuring how much time it takes to complete a task. Tap the gear icon and select time, stopwatch, or clock depending on your needs.

Try these apps today! Simply sign into your account and create a new project, join an existing project, or open one you’ve already been working on.

*Available with Explain Everything Advanced plan

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