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Did you know Promethean is not only a leader in the world of interactive whiteboard technology with the ActivPanel, but we also offer thousands of free, Promethean specific resources?  The Promethean Resource Library gives you content to download and use for free.  The Resource Library holds Promethean-specific resources that are available as Promethean Whiteboard files (PWB), ActivInspire flipcharts, and ActivInspire Resource Packs.

After navigating to the Promethean Resource Library, you can browse the resources. Type in your search terms into the search bar, or search by already curated choices by selecting from the drop-down menus.

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Search bar Option
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Search through curated choices

If you are looking for a specific resource type, choose from the drop-down menu.

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Choose resource type from the drop-down menu

Once you have decided on the items that are useful for you, simply sign in to download and use, or create your own folders within My Collections.  Keep in mind that Promethean Whiteboard files (PWB) can only be opened on the Promethean ActivPanel whiteboard application.

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Once signed in, it is easy to create folders within My Collections to easily access your saved resources.

Image shows My Collections folders within Promethean Resource Library

New EngageNY* mathematics resources

Many of these resources have been developed by our own Promethean Education consultants, who are all former teachers themselves. There are many new math resources that correlate to EngageNY, a program of the New York State Education Department and a leader in web-based curricula, which originally developed its Eureka Math Modules to help educators teach and students learn common core mathematics. While Eureka is based in New York, its modules have been used in districts and classrooms across the country. As teachers helping teachers, Promethean’s education consultants are thrilled to provide such an expansive selection of tools. Available exclusively on Promethean panels, all resources are free for teachers to download. With so many resource options, educators are just scratching the surface of what is available in the Promethean Resource Library. Still, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in this short time, with teachers taking time to give the flipcharts four- and five-star ratings as “great resources.”

*All rights, title, and interest in any trademarks, logos, or trade names of EngageNY and Eureka Math are acknowledged to be the intellectual property of their respective owner(s). References to EngageNY and Eureka Math are not an endorsement by Promethean of EngageNY or Eureka Math products and are not intended to imply any Promethean affiliation or relationship with EngageNY or Eureka Math. The Promethean-created resources described herein are original, independent works created and solely owned by Promethean. Use of any EngageNY or Eureka Math resource is subject to terms and conditions established by EngageNY.   

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