Opening files on your ActivPanel 9

This image shows the ActivPanel 9 Premium sharing files with a device.

Easily open your digital files and pre-created resources on the ActivPanel 9 in just a few steps. Turn your PDF worksheet into a quick lesson, open and edit a Google Slides presentation, and more!

Accessing your files directly from your ActivPanel 9 allows you to teach untethered from your teaching space and frees up your teacher device. The ActivPanel easily becomes a standalone device for use with your students.

The ActivPanel comes equipped with a PDF viewer that allows you to easily retrieve a PDF file. Use the Annotate and/or Screen Capture apps to allow interaction with the PDF on the ActivPanel and within the Whiteboard.

This image displays an ActivPanel connected to a device using Promethean's ActivSync.

With the ActivPanel 9 Premium, ActivSync powered by Promethean Desktop allows you to save and open files quickly between your device and ActivPanel 9 Premium.

Using an external USB device

There are several options to open your existing files. Existing resources that you have may be opened and saved to an external USB device as well. You may carry your files with you from one ActivPanel to the next without needing to log in to a cloud-based storage system on multiple panels. The USB device is also an excellent option for sharing files between colleagues and accessing files with or without applications downloaded to the ActivPanel.

  • Insert the USB drive into the port on the front of your ActivPanel
  • Tap your desired file
  • PDF files will open in the PDF viewer on your ActivPanel
  • Images are easily accessed

For Google or Office 365 files:

  • Tap the file you wish to use
  • The file displays as View Only
  • Interact with the file using the ActivPanel touch features
  • Use the annotate and screen capture features

Using Office 365 OneDrive and Google files and applications

Using Office 365 files saved to your OneDrive or Google Files saved in Google Drive is a snap when logging in to the Office 365 or Google Drive platform through the ActivPanel 9 Chromium browser.

Through the Menu, open Applications and select the Chromium Browser app.

This is an image of the Applications Locker on the ActivPanel 9.

From the Chromium browser, navigate to log in to your Office 365 or Google account. From your OneDrive or Google landing page, simply access the files you wish to present. You may even edit your Google Slides lessons! Tap the three dots to the right side, and tap ensure Desktop site from the drop-down menu is checked. You will find similar features to those you enjoy with the desktop apps used on your computer.

Accessing files through the Files app

You can also access the files saved in your Cloud Connect Connect files.

Ensure you have your Microsoft or Google drive connected by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your ActivPanel 9 or ActivPanel 9 Premium
  2. Select Applications from Menu
  3. Select Cloud Connect from the Applications Locker
  5. Select Google Drive or OneDrive and follow the on-screen prompts
Gif of steps to Cloud Connect from Cloud Connect APP

Once you have connected your cloud drive it is easy to interact with stored or shared content. You can open images or PDF files directly on the ActivPanel by locating and tapping the desired file. Opening PDF files from a connected cloud drive is simple.

Follow these steps :

  1. Tap Applications from the Menu
  2. Tap Files
  3. Tap the Hamburger Menu
  4. Select your connected cloud drive
  5. Open file
Shows steps to opening files from connected cloud drive

Digging Deeper

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