NEW! Creative Poll with Explain Everything Advanced

Students collaborating with teacher on an activity in the classroom.

How to use it in your next lesson

The Polling app in Explain Everything Advanced just got an upgrade! Now, you can create creative polls to deliver the correct tools and canvas for your students to respond directly with text blocks, images, ink, and highlighter tools.

Here are our favorite ways to use this exciting new option:

  1. Create, submit, and show work with tools like text, pen, shapes, and camera.
  2. Annotate images, map, highlight, circle, and review key concepts.
  3. Review exit tickets.
  4. Take more brain breaks.
  5. Hold small group activities and discussions.
  6. Draw or share work and discuss it with the class.

Ready to put it to good use? Visit, take a course on Learn Promethean, and watch the video below to learn more.