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Your teachers are tired. In recent years, experts have identified several common causes of the fatigue, but unmanageable workloads, inadequate resources and support for students and teachers, and time pressures are some of the top reasons for burnout throughout the education industry.

Simple, budget-friendly changes can make a big difference in your teachers’ day-to-day lives. Here are five easy ways to help take the load off your staff and show them you value their time, inside and outside of the classroom:

Use technology that’s made for teachers

The latest education technology like Explain Everything Advanced makes it possible for teachers to create and find lessons from anywhere, saving preparation time before or after school hours.

Invest in pre-created templates

Tools that include pre-created templates ready for customized content help save time re-inventing the wheel. No need to start from scratch!

Create collaboration groups

Tech collaboration groups give the opportunity for teacher tech rockstars to share content, ideas, and techniques that can help other teachers, no matter what grade or subject they teach.

Provide professional development resources

Your administration already knows it’s necessary to provide support for professional development, but making resources easy to access is vital for your teachers to take advantage of important information.

Generate a list of approved tools

A list of approved tools with educational apps, websites, and software that align with curriculum goals makes it easy for teachers to get what they need quickly. Include tips on how to make the most of each tool.

Curious to learn more? Watch the video below to get started on making your teachers’ lives easier.