ActivPanel Elements series

Explore all the essentials for Promethean’s ActivPanel Titanium, Nickel, and Cobalt

Two young students using the ActivPanel for a math lesson.


Teacher Appreciation 2024: Find out how to make very simple whiteboard lessons on the Promethean ActivPanel to engage your students, including Rub and Reveal, Tap and Trash, matching, sorting, and the Three Second Rule!

Teacher Appreciation 2024: Explore how incorporating games into test-review sessions can enhance student engagement and improve retention of key concepts. Leave this session with the knowledge of how to play the games with students, where to find the games to begin using in your classroom, and how to interact with them on a Promethean ActivPanel.

ActivPanel Elements Series: Learn about the Waiting Room in Promethean Screen Share. Watch the video to see more.

In this video, learn about the touchback feature in Promethean’s Screen Share on the ActivPanel Elements Series.

Promethean resources: Learn about the different Promethean file types and how to open PDFs, ActivInspire flipcharts, and more.

ActivPanel Elements Series: Learn how to annotate anywhere on your screen. Watch the video to find out more.

ActivPanel Elements Series: Learn how to excite your students with the Promethean Spinner app. Watch for more.

ActivPanel Elements Series: Learn how to manage classroom instruction with the Promethean Timer app. Watch now.