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When you pair your ActivPanel LX with OPS-A, a module purpose-built for schools, you can use the Google-certified Android device to add “walk up and teach” functionality and flexibility to your everyday lesson plans.

Start the new year fresh with easy access to your cloud files. Download and use your favorite apps, create more student engagement with the Promethean Classroom Essential Apps, and get up and running instantly with your lessons.

Check out our OPS-A orientation course to learn more! Don’t have an ActivPanel LX? Find out how it can help your classroom and make your job easier.

Download this quick getting started guide to begin using your OPS-A today.

Students using the ActivPanel for practice

Teachers know one of the most challenging times is returning from an extended break.  It’s a time of reminding students of your classroom expectations and procedures, or even starting some new ones. While this is a challenging time, unique ways of presenting your lessons can do wonders for getting back into the swing of teaching and learning. Promethean offers tools to help get this new year off to a great start with the ActivPanel Classroom Essential apps and innovative software solutions like ActivInspire.  

The Promethean ActivPanel Classroom Essential apps offer many fun and unique ways to bring interaction and excitement to your everyday lessons. The Annotate app is easy to use and allows powerful options to help you mark up anything displayed on your ActivPanel screen. Using the Spinner and Timer apps provide an effortless way to bring some gamification to any lesson. These applications are offered as Promethean Web apps for use with the Chromebox or OPS devices. Using the Promethean Whiteboard app to create interactivity is easy—just capture your worksheets using the Screen Capture app to create reusable whiteboard lessons. You can open any .jpg or .png file on the whiteboard and share the saved .pwb files with colleagues using the cloud connect option or through a connected USB drive. 

ActivInspire is Promethean’s award-winning software for creating and delivering engaging and interactive lessons. Quickly create interactivity using Rub and Reveal or Drag a Copy actions, or upload files to add to any lesson. Visit the Promethean Resource Library to find pre-created ActivInspire flipcharts to quickly save, download, and present.  

Explain Everything

Explain Everything Advanced is Promethean’s most innovative software solution. This comprehensive platform makes it easier than ever to create captivating lessons that immerse students in a world of vibrant multimedia, real-time collaboration, and imaginative instruction.

Tired of juggling multiple browser windows and apps? Explain Everything puts it all in one convenient place so you can get what you want quickly and easily. You’ll have access to state-of-the-art whiteboarding tools along with popular Promethean apps like Timer, Spinner, and Polling.

Designed for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning, Explain Everything Advanced can be used to record, edit, and share unlimited lessons within the software using our patented tool, so your students can view them anytime. For maximum flexibility, it also integrates with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Classroom, and more.

Grab-and-go resources and ideas

This image showcases a teacher and students engaging in a lesson.

Add music to your teaching

Play games with your students

Enhance your curriculum

Digging deeper

Use Promethean solutions to jump start your lessons by checking out the wide variety of self-paced online courses available on Learn Promethean.

Do you ever wonder which ActivPanel version you have in your classroom? This support article provides helpful images and key identifying features to guide you.

Here are three quick ways to identify your ActivPanel version:

  • Look at the front and side ports and buttons on your ActivPanel
  • Turn on your ActivPanel and look at the default background image that appears
  • Look for the sticker with serial number on the left side or bottom of your ActivPanel

Refer to the support article to match the key elements to your ActivPanel.

Once you have determined which ActivPanel you have, check out more resources on Learn Promethean to guide you on getting started using your ActivPanel.

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New OPS-A 1.2 release

Time flies and there’s not enough of it—sometimes, it’s necessary to take a shortcut.

The Promethean OPS-A 1.2 release delivers two great new features to help you save time during your busy day and streamline your lesson plans. Every second counts!

  1. Get easy access to all your apps anytime, anywhere, with a quick shortcut right on the menu.
  2. Mix and match a wide variety of video and audio types using a new media player.

Visit Promethean Support at for the full release notes. To get to know your ActivPanel LX, register for the OPS-A orientation and ActivPanel LX orientation.

Congratulations on your new interactive panel! When your day is already busy, you don’t need your tech tools to slow you down even more.

Because the ActivPanel LX works with the hardware, software, and apps you currently use, there’s no learning curve. Easy to install and set up, learning how to use the panel requires minimal training and limited support from IT staff. IT administrators won’t need to enroll, manage, or frequently update the panels, or deal with security issues.

To help you begin with the most important things immediately, our getting started guide outlines the top things you need to know to start building success with your students or teams right away. Find more information on caring for and interacting with your panel, connecting your computer, and accessories and hardware in our getting started guide.

Please note: This site works best when you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. 

What will you learn?

  • How to interact with your ActivPanel LX
  • How to connect devices to your ActivPanel LX
  • How to use Promethean software to teach with your ActivPanel LX

Please note: This course refers only to the ActivPanel LX. Check this Support article to learn which ActivPanel you have.

What will you receive? 

You will receive a certificate (PDF) for completing this course. 

There will be a short quiz at the end of the course. You will need to receive a score of 100% in order to receive your certificate. 

Upon completion, select Download Certificate. You may also access your earned certificates and badges by selecting the avatar in the top right corner of your screen, then Profile

You are ready to begin! Select the blue Enroll button above, then click the blue Start Course button. The progress bar tracks your advancement. Return to the course at any time and select the blue Continue button to resume.

Empathy, or the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is often considered a soft skill. Unfortunately, soft skills are not always explicitly taught. For students preparing for the future, it’s important to learn what empathy is and how to understand the feelings of those around them. Not only will this provide the foundation for a better relationship with others, as they will most certainly be in roles that involve interactions, collaboration, and connections with others, but it will also help them understand their feelings and emotions.

How do we teach empathy in school? Empathy is a complex concept, and it takes time to build an empathic mindset. While there are a variety of approaches to teaching empathy, here are four simple ways to get started today:

Build classroom community

Creating an empathic community and culture in the classroom and an entire school is essential. The classroom should be a safe environment where students feel comfortable being themselves. Establishing clear ground rules and allowing every child to have a voice without fear of bullying is important.

Choose read alouds that encourage empathy

Many teachers recommend books they read aloud to their classes that touch on the theme of empathy. A few of these include Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, and Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! by Stephen Manes. Reading books like these and mentor texts help touch on the theme of empathy and allow it to be integrated all year long.

Model empathy

Actions always speak louder than words. As a teacher, don’t forget that you can model empathy and kindness on a daily basis. Take a look at key strategies to teach empathy based on age for ideas.

Empathy toolkit

You can easily teach empathy all throughout the day with Promethean’s tools. Make the conversations fun and engaging to keep your students interested:

  • Send out a temperature check for students using the Polling feature in Explain Everything Advanced
  • Create an emotion vision board on the ActivPanel
  • Use the Promethean Spinner to create a 21-day classroom gratitude challenge