Is Remote Learning a trend or long-term initiative?

A teacher in a classroom instructs her virtual students, shown on Promethean's ActivPanel

The Promethean State of Technology in Education 2019 report identified the biggest priorities for schools and districts. Participants were anonymously asked a set of wide-ranging questions about their relationship with, and feelings towards, educational technology in the classroom. The report identified what trends schools are prioritizing and what technologies they think will have the biggest growth in the next five years. Remote Learning and Mobile Learning were not at the top of the list.

About a thousand teachers and administrators were asked; “Which of the following trending initiatives are a priority for your school/district in the 2019 school year?” The full report provides all of the possible answers, but the top two answers were:

STEM – 51%
Collaborative/Team-Based Learning – 43%

This question is interesting because it is rooted in fact and evidence. These are the initiatives that schools are actually devoting time, energy, and resources on. Only 10% of respondents stated that Mobile Learning was a priority initiative. Interestingly enough, when asked which technologies do respondents see making the biggest growth in the next five years, 43% selected Remote Learning Technology.  It seems that the future is here. Let’s take a look at these initiatives and the ways in which Promethean’s interactive panels support this forward-thinking learning.

apps and gadgets such as programmable robots and space cubes can be hooked into Promethean panels via built-in Bluetooth or an external camera. The ActivPanels are equipped with all of the tools you will need to connect and display STEM devices and content. This STEM guide is full of ideas and provides resources to get your students engaged and on the right track towards solving real-world problems.
Speaking of real-world problems…

Collaborative/team-based learning
is a terrific method of teaching that can really ignite passion in your students because, well, it actually makes a difference. Allow the students to come up with the focus, this way they will have ownership of it and this will fuel their passion. Help them identify a problem in the world, the neighborhood, the school, or even the classroom that they could help alleviate, and there you have it. The process of solving these problems often hits on multiple content areas, senses, and social-emotional skills. Our interactive displays for classrooms support this type of work in countless ways.

  • Pre-loaded mind maps for brainstorming sessions
  • Easy access to the internet for group research sessions
  • Whiteboard sessions that can be saved and shared through the cloud for homework or for collaboration with others
  • Multiple timers for group work
  • Access to incredible apps such as Google Expeditions for virtual field trips
  • Screen sharing app to display and interact with student work

Now to the top initiative on everyone’s mind…

Remote learning tools should extend from the classroom to home. With Promethean solutions like ActivInspire®, teachers can record lessons and share via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams™, Box™, or any cloud sharing platforms — while students can install the personal version of ActivInspire to share activities for offline interactions. ActivInspire is included with the ActivPanel which also supports remote, in-person, or mixed environments with screen-sharing capabilities. This allows students to share content from within the class and while learning at home, therefore providing a true hybrid learning solution for educators.

The classroom today looks different than it used to. With an emphasis on STEM, collaborative learning, and remote learning, we are training our future leaders of the world to work together to solve issues in a cross-curricular and dynamic way. The one-trick pony is a thing of the past. Promethean is future-ready and supports ever-changing thinking. Who knows what’s next? We know Promethean will be there.