Interact with websites in your ActivInspire flipcharts

Teaching interacting with website on the Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean’s powerful presentation software, ActivInspire has so many features for creating highly appealing presentations for your students.  ActivInspire allows you to add website links to your flipcharts with a few simple clicks, adding even more engagement and interaction to your lessons and activities.

Website links in flipcharts have many uses:

  • Create an interactive center for review of material
  • Use websites to share videos or content while teaching
  • Link to frequently used content or web-based programs
  • Create an escape room with website links
  • Link to your Google Classroom or LMS
  • Add a link to a website you want students to explore for prior knowledge
  • Link to a location you are studying on Google Earth
  • Link directly to content on Google Drive or OneDrive

Adding engagement through websites is simple. Begin by selecting Insert, then Link and Website

Images shows the steps of Insert, Link, Website

Once you select Website, the Insert Website window appears. Here you will enter the website and then how you wish for the link to appear: as Text, an Image Icon, an Action Object or an Existing object.

Images shows the Insert Website menu.

When adding a link to an existing object, select Existing object, then select the object you desire to link from the list and OK. The selected object will appear in the Insert Website menu. If it is as you wish, select OK.

Images shows the steps of choosing Existing object, selecting the object and then selecting ok

Once you have inserted a website into your flipchart, a red box will surround the object when in Design mode (red snowflake). When in Presentation mode (blue snowflake), the object will show a blue play arrow when hovered over.

Images shows the red box and play arrow after a website is added to a flipchart object.

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