Inside the ActivPanel: Beyond K-12

Teacher in front of Higher education class using ActivInspire Software

The Promethean ActivPanel is making waves in higher education. After instant success in K-12 and real-case experience with student and teacher expectations, the next natural step to level up the tools that create breakthroughs on post-high school campuses included combining hardware, software, and skilled professional development.

Why Promethean for higher ed?

The Promethean ActivPanel is responsive and agile, giving educators and students an opportunity to outperform using familiar tech. Improved technology in the classroom increases productivity for educators, facilitates student engagement, and enables student-centered learning.

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep higher-ed students engaged wherever they are. Our connected solutions make it easy to meet the needs of each unique space. From lecture halls to study rooms, labs to libraries, and student union hubs to boardrooms, ActivePanel creates an effortless, secure connection between students and staff by integrating into any existing IT ecosystem, ensuring personal profiles and sensitive data remains protected. 

A glimpse into the future

Top-ranked Boston Architectural College (BAC) has a highly diverse and global student body and is known for being a true innovator in the field of design.

Its president, Dr. Mahesh Daas, has been at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technologies into the higher education classroom, utilizing the ActivPanel for many apps and functions to bring his hybrid classes together.

Using the Promethean ActivPanel to teach a higher ed lesson
President Daas with his ActivPanel

“We already know that in higher education and the tech world, there is a lot of evidence of integration of these devices. But the opportunity is really in the hybrid: how it can be a portal to both the in-person and the virtual worlds,” Daas said. “That’s where the difference will be made.”

Dr. Daas

With a demand for a mix of cloud-based coursework and in-person lectures, making best use of tech that can deliver flexibility for the future is key.

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