How to create your Promethean account

A young student using the Promethean Whiteboard App

Creating a Promethean account is easy and offers many benefits for your classroom. With a Promethean account, you may explore hundreds of pre-created flipchart lessons in the Resource Library and customize these lessons for your instruction. You may also engage your students with the Spinner, Timer, and Annotate web applications. Personalize your own ActivPanel wallpaper experience right from your Promethean account. Download or bookmark the one pager below for the steps to create your free account.

How to create your Promethean account

Step 1: Go to and click Sign in

Step 2: Select to sign in with Google, Microsoft, or other email.

Please use your school email account.

Step 3: Select your Google or Microsoft account.

Step 4: Complete your account.

You are now ready to begin browsing the resources and tools!

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