The best of the best: Get to know ActivInspire in five minutes  

A young girl looking at the ActivInspire screen

Learning new software is hard enough—especially when you’re trying to get everything (and everybody!) ready for the new school year. But putting in five minutes now to learn the basics will set you up for success in the classroom in the long run.

To get started immediately, simply import an existing presentation to create custom flipcharts. Now, you’re ready to teach more engaging lessons and involve your students in interactive discussions and demonstrations.

Depending on your lesson, you can use the reveal and spotlight tools to direct your students’ attention, the magic ink tool to keep them curious and interested, or browse hundreds of pre-built templates to add something different to your curriculum. You can even search our online resource library to find helpful flipcharts created by fellow teachers. Create an interactive activity for your students in a few seconds with ActivInspire Activities.

Want to know more? Watch a quick demo below of our favorite ActivInspire features for a more engaged classroom.

Visit Promethean Support to download ActivInspire.