Focus on teaching, not the technology

A teacher instructs five students, all with their hands raised in class

Adopting new technology into lessons should be a user-friendly experience that saves teachers time. Getting the most out of interactive displays is more than just downloading the right app or establishing a solid Wi-Fi connection. More importantly, it’s about providing teachers with what they need at the touch of a button to effectively deliver lessons and engage students.
Simplifying the onboarding process and making a seamless technology experience is at the heart of what ActivPanel does to complement every teaching style. Let’s unpack a few ways how ActivPanel’s latest updates will help create a classroom environment that’s more accessible, easy-to-use, and secure for teachers and students.

Create User Profiles

Security and personalization have never been easier with the latest features. Teachers can create ActivPanel profiles that give them more flexibility by accessing their files, apps, and browser data – all of which are protected when they sign out. For example, teachers can install some of their favorite apps to access old lesson files more easily. However, remembering a username and password each time you sign in is tiresome and unnecessary. To avoid unnecessary workarounds, ActivPanel remembers this data after signing in for the first time. If you’re a traveling teacher, login credentials and custom settings are saved from one classroom to the next.

Access & Save Files via Cloud Storage

Integrating with cloud storage accounts like Google Drive™ and Microsoft® OneDrive allow teachers to easily access and save content during lessons and at home. There are no shortcuts to quality learning. At the same time, effective lesson delivery shouldn’t require extra steps or bulky hardware cables to access pre-created content. For instance, an ELA teacher who wants to interact with a lesson file they’ve saved on Google Drive for a writer’s workshop can access and open the app directly from the ActivPanel. This allows teachers to effectively model activities in a continuous flow that matches instructional pace.

Multitask with Ease

Teachers need the flexibility to transition from different resources, apps, and browsers throughout lessons. Teaching time is wasted when the lesson is delayed while transitioning from one tool or resource to the next without a seamless flow. With the latest release, teachers can now resize, drag, and move multiple windows to teach from several content types or apps at once on the ActivPanel.

Teach Untethered

Creating opportunities for students to use mobile devices with ActivPanel bridges the gap between the digital curriculum and the real world. For example, a social studies teacher wants to create a student-led discussion on current events. After students select a current events image, Promethean’s new Screen Share app allows them to live cast their screen from any device in real-time; each successive use empowers more students to become self-directed learners. Because Screen Share is built on a device-agnostic platform, there are more chances to collaborate and give feedback on student work.

Create a Community of Digital Learners

Making tech integration more meaningful doesn’t have to be a time-consuming venture. ActivPanel’s user-friendly interface lets teachers focus on creating a hands-on learning environment that’s responsive to each students’ needs. To boost your edtech acumen and get started with these latest features, you don’t have to wait until the next official professional development session at your school. Visit Learn Promethean to access free training resources that will help you make the most out of the ActivPanel.