Fall in love with these ActivInspire tools

A young student and instructor using Promethean's ActivInspire tools.

ActivInspire has so many tools that promote student engagement and make learning fun. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tools to enhance your instruction.

Top 3 ActivInspire tools

Teacher Lock

ActivInspire is perfect for a quick center activity on your front-of-the-classroom display. Did you know that you can use Teacher Lock to keep your students from navigating to other programs or areas on your display? Access Teacher Lock by navigating to Tools, then More Tools, and selecting Teacher Lock. The default password is 1-2-3-4, but you may change this at any time. Once you input the password, students will be unable to leave the flipchart lesson you have created. Access Tools, More Tools, and Teacher Lock once more to input the same password and return back to navigation on your display.

Activity Builder

Add some interactivity to your lessons with the customizable and easy-to-use Activity Builder. Choose from ten different activities, and create an instant lesson in just a few clicks! Best of all, you can save your content and switch the activity type, saving you time in lesson creation. You may also play your activities directly on your ActivPanel with the Activities Player app.


Easily manage your classroom workflow with the built-in ActivInspire Timer. Select from a Clock, Timer, or Stopwatch, and add multiple timers to keep your students on track. You may also access an additional countdown clock from Tools, More Tools, and select Clock.

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