4 Ways to Engage Your Students with ActivInspire

A teacher uses ActivInspire while instructing a group of young students

ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver interactive lessons. We have created some quick and easy ways to delve into ActivInspire so educators can get started using it in their classrooms. Here are 4 ActivInspire resources and tools to help you engage your students:

  1. Use it as a a collaborative workspace: Anything you do in ActivInspire can be saved directly to your desktop, a specific folder, or even a USB. When you open ActivInspire, you are presented with a blank canvas, so use it for notes or a sign-in sheet in the beginning of class. You can even create a quick brainstorming web to facilitate creativity in projects. Easily click Save and return to the ActivInspire Flipchart at a later date. Tip: Insert a timestamp to easily keep track of the date in order to stay organized and track data!
  2. Import PDF Files: Did you know you can import PDF files directly into ActivInspire by going to File, then Import, and choosing PDF? By importing PDF files into ActivInspire you can make worksheets, such as test questions and writing samples, interactive. Use the pen or highlighter tool to write over the PDF and drag in photos from the internet to create more visuals. Tip: Use the reset button on your main toolbox to allow multiple students to complete an original worksheet!
  3. Use the Resource Section: The resource section is located in the browser window. (Hint: Go to View and then Browsers if you cannot see it). Within the resource browser you have access to instant activities, templates, backgrounds, grids, sounds, and much more to use within your classroom. To insert a resource, just double click it or drag it onto your Flipchart page. You can even search in the white box on the top for a specific topic such as “Fractions” or “Maps.” Some of my personal favorites are the periodic table, 100 grids, alphabet activities, puzzles, and background writing paper. Tip: Pull out five items you feel you could use with your students this week and save them in a Flipchart. Use these five items as a station for student collaboration.
  4. Annotate over anything on the screen: The desktop annotate tool allows you to access your toolbar while browsing on the internet. Tap the desktop annotate icon on your main toolbox, bring up the website you want to write over, and tap the pen icon to start annotating. This feature works great for taking notes while watching a video, highlighting important parts of an article, or solving math problems right on the page. You can toggle back and forth between your internet page and an ActivInspire Flipchart by tapping the desktop annotate icon. Tip: Use the spray bottle to quickly erase the page and move on to your next teaching point!

Author: Lucy Geringer is an Education Consultant for Promethean. Lucy’s focus has been on special education where she taught for five years both in the school and home environments for students aged 3-10. She currently resides in Manhattan where she enjoys exploring the city, cooking, and playing with her puppy Quincy.