End of the year classroom entertainment on your ActivPanel

School children pressing their faces against the window in the library
Students with faces pushed up against the classroom window

All teachers are aware that keeping students engaged in learning as summer break approaches can be a challenge. Your Promethean ActivPanel is up for the challenge as it is a leading tool to increase student excitement and engagement. Even as students yearn for the days of summer, there are so many ways to use your ActivPanel to create and display some great activities for your students this time of year.

Promethean Resource Library

A quick search in the Promethean Resource Library brings up over 1,000 games for your to choose from. These are already created, free resources, many of them customizable, for you to download, modify and use in your classroom. Many are ActivInspire flipcharts that allow for a maximum amount of student engagement and interaction.

Image shows the Promethean Resource Library with games used as the search term.

Use your Classroom Essential Apps

Your ActivPanel comes with some great gamification tools built-in. Why not create an escape room using the Promethean Whiteboard App, or Google Classroom/Microsoft tools provided by your school or district? Ditch That Textbook has some great free escape rooms and creation instructions. Creating and using Promethean Whiteboard lessons or games is easy and you will be amazed at how much fun the students have using this amazing tool. Used in conjunction with the Spinner and Timer apps, a new level of gamification can be easily achieved.

The great thing about the Promethean Whiteboard is that you can take already created content and images from an escape room you already have and bring them to the big screen in your classroom. Gamifying the classroom is a simple task with a powerful tool like the ActivPanel.

Online games and more

There are many fabulous online classroom game sites that you can access through the Promethean Chromium browser. Teambuilding.com has a list of some online whole class games to try. There are also many great resources for guided drawing. Art Hub for Kids has many free videos to use.

Also, kids love being read to, why not use your ActivPanel as the guest reader? Picture Book Brain and Sit, Stay, Read have some really fun videos.

Take a virtual field trip

Field trips add so much to classroom learning, but the length and distance of in-person field trips are often restricted. Why not plan a virtual field trip? These can be as simple as opening the Chromium browser and choosing a destination to explore on Google Earth and taking a virtual summer vacation. This is an easy way to reinforce map and geography skills. You can encourage your students to write about the places you visit in your virtual travels or use the Notice and Wonder protocol to help build critical thinking skills.

There are also many museums and tourist attractions that offer free virtual field trips. Many of these virtual trips have resources and ideas already prepared so there is little teacher preparation required. Many companies also offer virtual field trips to their factories or visitor centers. Here is a list of some resources to get you started.

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