Easy End of the School Year activities

A group of six multi-ethnic elementary school students running outside the school building, carrying backpacks, and wearing face masks. They are back to school during the covid-19 pandemic. The boys and girls are 7 to 10 years old.

School is nearly out! The home stretch can be an exciting but hectic time. Here are some fun and easy end-of-the-year activities you can use with your students to celebrate, laugh, reflect, show gratitude, and more.

What I Like About You

A student writes their name in the center of the canvas in the Promethean Whiteboard App on your ActivPanel. In the surrounding area, their peers describe something they like or appreciate about this person. Be sure you add one too. Utilize the infinite canvas space if students run out of room on the visible screen. Lastly, export to a PDF and print or share the file with your student as a special keepsake! Ensure each student gets a turn with the Promethean Spinner App.

Share Favorite Memories

Each student creates a description and/or depiction of a favorite memory from the school year. When they will think back to being in this grade, what positive experience or event might come to mind? Students connect their devices to your Promethean Screen Share session and share these memories to your ActivPanel’s screen.

Send Thank You Notes

A little gratitude goes a long way and there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter. Students draft thank you notes to the people who have helped them this year—other teachers, coaches, parents, counselors, even each other! Address and decorate envelopes and deliver these words of appreciation by hand or mail. Write a thank you note to your students to model the process, show your thanks, and describe all of the things they have taught you.

Words of Wisdom

Your students are now experts at being ____ graders! Using ActivInspire or the Promethean Whiteboard App, students collaborate and create a list of the top 10 tips for next year’s incoming class. What do they wish they’d known? What will help future ____ graders to be successful? Students will enjoy reflecting and feeling like authorities. Save the file to share with your new students in the fall.

Create Your Own

Increase your knowledge and earn your certificate by enrolling in our new, free Creating Activities online course. In just 30 minutes, you’ll become proficient in creating quick, engaging activities your in-person and remote learners are sure to love.