Easily edit your recordings

Learn to easily edit recordings in Explain Everything Web

“Explain Everything” explained

Explain Everything Web is a leading digital whiteboard platform that makes planning and recording your presentations and lessons quick and easy.

Engaging lessons and real-time collaboration with students is essential. Using recordings can keep your students’ interest during your entire lesson. Let’s explore some of the most used features and tools when editing a recording:

Clearly see your audio/video timeline and make adjustments.

Selection tool
Make smaller selections of recordings to export as a separate video, delete or trim recordings.

Delete/Compact tool
Delete different parts of videos.

Fade in
Easily fade in audio/music for presentations.

Recording modes
Layer recordings, overwrite tracks, or re-record.

Simply sign into your account and create a new project, join an existing project, or open one you’ve already been working on.

Ready to get started? Watch the video below for a deeper dive into editing and explore Explain Everything today!