Connecting with your students

Man Video Chatting with a Child

The global pandemic has created an unprecedented learning environment. Whether you are back in the classroom full time or teaching in a remote or hybrid structure again this year, it’s important to find ways to connect with your students and provide opportunities for them to express their feelings and thoughts.

Human connection is something we all desire. Ultimately, connecting with others develops trust, builds rapport, and creates strong and meaningful relationships.

How do you connect with your students when your learning environment is so unpredictable?

Spend Time Getting to Know Your Students’ Interests

Taking a few minutes a day to learn more about what your students like and dislike is a way to not only decompress from a vigorous amount of content delivered, but also to show empathy and allow your students to feel valued. Sharing your hobbies and interests also enables your students to view you as more than just an instructor.

Incorporate Temperature Checks Throughout the Day

Emotional wellbeing makes up a large portion of the flow of your instruction. Incorporating temperature checks throughout the week allows you to gauge how students are feeling, and check in on students that may need a little extra attention. Temperature checks can be sent anonymously, but you have the opportunity to view student names privately.

Add Free Choice Journaling to Your Lessons

Not all students feel comfortable vocally sharing their thoughts and feelings. Journaling may be a great way to communicate with your students. Students can write about anything that is on their mind, but be sure to offer positive comments that aren’t focused on grammatical corrections or constructive feedback.

Let Your Students Create Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are proven to improve mood and boost productivity in the classroom. You can easily incorporate brain breaks into your daily instruction, and even create personalized ways to include your students in the process. Ask your students to create their own brain break for the class and present when it is their turn. Additionally, you may wish to select a student to pick a number, object, or random trivia fact and allow students to guess their choice.

Add an app like Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame to your ActivPanel to take a break from your busy day and practice breathing, explore personalized encouragements, and more.

As you navigate through this new school year, know that Learn Promethean is here to support you and provide free tips and resources to assist you on your Promethean journey.