Changing sleep and standby timers on your ActivPanel

Young students in a classroom with ipads looking at Promethean's ActivPanel

Does your Promethean ActivPanel go to sleep when you are in the middle of an engaging lesson or working with a group of students? There are two timer settings on your ActivPanel. Today, we will look at how to adjust both the standby and sleep timers.

Standby Timer

With the Standby Timer, you can set how long the screen will stay on while the ActivPanel is inactive. When the Standby Timer runs out, the ActivPanel will go into standby mode and the screen will turn off. The power button will also turn red and the flame on the menu button will be white.

Sleep Timer

With the Sleep Timer, you can set how long the ActivPanel will stay in standby mode with the screen turned off, while it continues to remain inactive. When the Sleep Timer runs out, the ActivPanel will go to sleep and enter low-power mode. The power button will remain red and the flame on the menu button will now turn off.

When the Standby Timer is set to Never, the Sleep Timer cannot be used. To use the Sleep Timer again, adjust the Standby Timer settings.


First, ensure your ActivPanel is up to date. To upgrade your ActivPanel to the latest firmware, visit the Update page and ensure you are following your school’s update policies.

To change the standby and sleep settings:

  1. Open the Unified Menu and tap the Locker icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Display.
  4. Tap Advanced to reveal more settings.
  5. Select Standby and Sleep Timers.
  6. Use the slider to adjust the Standby Timer and the Sleep Timer to the desired period of time.

Digging Deeper

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