Add actions to your lessons for interactivity

Young students using Promethean's ActivInspire

Interactive learning has many benefits for students. Keeping them engaged in content increases retention and makes students more accountable for their own learning. Finding new and interesting ways to present material is a snap with ActivInspire.

Promethean’s powerful presentation software is chocked full of actions that increase engagement through the Action Browser. The Action Browser includes many actions to add to objects that increase the fun and excitement of your lessons.

The Action Browser includes:

  • Adding a math tool or pen to an object
  • Spotlight and reveal tools
  • Use the ActivInspire Clock
  • A Dice Roller for gamification
  • Use the Equation writer
  • Extract Text tool for grabbing words from any text
  • Shape and handwriting recognition tools
  • Dual User capabilities
  • Many, many more options
Image includes dice

Adding and removing ActivInspire actions:

ActivInspire makes it easy to apply Actions to objects, adding an extra level of interactivity and engagement to your flipcharts. Begin by selecting the object you wish to apply an Action to. Note: If you select more than one object, you can apply the same Action to all selected objects.

Image includes ActivInspire Action Browers

To view the dozens of Actions available, go to your Action Browser. If your Browsers are not visible, simply go to View, then Browsers.

Scroll through all Actions or use the dropdown to view five different categories.

Once an object is selected, choose the action you wish to apply. Be sure to click Apply.

Adding actions to any objects on your flipchart allows you to make your flipcharts come alive.

The ways to use the Active Inspire Action Browser are endless, as there are also several drag and drop actions to be used as well.

In Presentation Mode, actions are denoted by a small play icon. You may test Actions as soon as you apply them.

In Design Mode, actions are denoted by a red outline. This is handy if you are not sure which actions a flipchart contains. Selecting the outlined object indicates which Action has been applied in the Action Browser.

To remove an Action, go to Design Mode, select the object, and choose Clear from the Action Browser. You may switch back into Presentation Mode to verify that the Action has been removed.

Watch the following video to learn more about ActivInspire’s Action Browser tools

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