Add a flipchart to your Resource Library Favorites

A screen shows Promethean's ActivInspire in action.

Have your eye on a pre-created flipchart in the Promethean Resource Library? Utilize the Favorites feature to categorize and save your favorite flipcharts.

Begin by ensuring you are signed in to your Promethean account. Use the search and filtering feature to find the flipchart you wish to favorite. Select the heart at the bottom left of the flipchart preview. Select Favorites to add this resource to your Favorites tab.

The heart depicts an ActivInspire flipchart from the Promethean Resource Library that you may add to your Favorites.

Once added, the heart will turn purple and appear in the Favorites tab on the left side of your screen. Click this heart again to remove from your Favorites, or select the resource from within the Favorites tab, then select Remove.

Additionally, you may select +Add folder to organize and group your favorite resources. Give your folder a name, then hit Enter. You may move your resource to another folder if you wish.

Diagram of Favorites tab in the Promethean Resource Library

If you previously utilized the Collections feature, your resources will still be available.