ActivSync quick start guide

This image shows the ActivPanel 9 Premium sharing files with a device.

ActivPanel 9 Premium makes seamless teaching a reality, eliminating the digital barriers between the panel and computing devices with ActivSync to deliver a familiar and powerful experience for your lessons.

ActivSync is a patented Promethean hardware connectivity technology that creates deeper connections between the ActivPanel 9 Premium and your computing device of choice (via HDMI/Touch inputs, USB-C, or OPS devices). Save and open files quickly and easily between your panel and your device.

Download or bookmark this quick start guide to easily begin using ActivSync with your ActivPanel 9 Premium.

Get started with the Promethean Desktop app in no time by watching this short tutorial:

Once you’ve downloaded Promethean Desktop, watch this short video to learn more about ActivSync:

Learn how to access content easily with ActivSync:

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