ActivPanel tools for your history lessons

Student annotating on a world map on the Promethean ActivPanel

The Promethean ActivPanel is your connected hub of the classroom, unlocking endless opportunities to learn and explore. With the Promethean Classroom Essential apps that come pre-loaded on the ActivPanel, you may create on-the-fly lessons and dive into deeper conversations with just the touch of a few buttons.

Let’s explore a few tools available for your history lessons.

Screen Share

The Promethean Screen Share app enables students to share their content from their student device to the ActivPanel.

Students may use the camera tool on their device to showcase emotions during a period of time in history or even share their answers on a worksheet from their seat. Display up to four student devices simultaneously. This may be an excellent opportunity to allow students to debate topics in small groups.


Use the infinite white space on the built-in Whiteboard app to import your existing images and create an interactive lesson for your students. Activate the multi-user mode for station work or compare and contrast activities, or even create a timeline in history using the annotation tools.

This image showcases a student using the Whiteboard app on the Promethean ActivPanel for a history lesson.

Screen Recording

Connect your students to your remote, hybrid, or flipped classrooms by using the Screen Recording app on the ActivPanel 9. Save important class discussions or create buildable lessons by recording the content on your ActivPanel during your lesson. Students can learn from anywhere at their own pace.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture is the perfect tool for saving important images in your lessons. Use the Annotate tool to annotate over anything on your screen: take a trip to Egypt with Google Earth or explore artifacts with your favorite historical website. Open the captured images on the Whiteboard, or even add to ActivInspire to extend your lessons.

This image shows a student and teacher collaborating in a history lesson on the Promethean ActivPanel.


Gamify your classroom and add some friendly competition with customizable lists on the Spinner app. Create lists for your curriculum or as an opportunity to call on your students. The spinner may float over the activity you have displayed on your screen.

Extend your learning

Complete the Teaching with your ActivPanel course to learn new lesson ideas and strategies for your history classroom.