ActivPanel 9 2.1.0 firmware updates: Top five highlights

Brainstorming in classroom using a Promethean ActivPanel 9

We’re excited for new enhancements to the ActivPanel 9, as well as a new release of the Explain Everything Whiteboard app. Included on every ActivPanel 9, this amazing new app will instantly enhance how you create and deliver lessons. With its simple and intuitive interface, easy-to-access content, and streamlined integration with a wide variety of online resources, the Explain Everything Whiteboard is here to make your life easier and your job more fun. Here are the top five changes with the newest update:

Explain Everything Whiteboard app

Promethean’s new Explain Everything Whiteboard on ActivPanel 9 is everything you need, all in one place. Promethean has partnered with Explain Everything to bring teachers everything they’ve been asking for in a standalone whiteboard app right on their panels that’s perfect for personalizing instruction, increasing engagement, and connecting with students in the moment during lesson delivery.

A secure peace of mind

A new ActivPanel Lock Pin secures your panel from being used when you’re away, improving security and peace of mind. ​You can now set a user pin and a panel pin to lock the panel.

Captive Portal

This feature supports IT and the need to change the network status check URL for a panel. Go to: Settings > Network & Internet > Captive Portal.

Beefed-up menu

Enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite six apps right on the menu.

Apple introduced as another OAUTH option

Apple-supported OAUTH option for account creation and sign in.

Watch the video below for more details on the release and visit for release notes and additional information.