3 ways to use social media in education

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When a teacher or school throws out the idea of incorporating social media in education, some would say you are opening up your classroom to a world of trouble. I actually think the complete opposite. I believe using things that students are very comfortable with could create a more comfortable environment.
Facebook, Instagram, X, and SnapChat are now the ways everyone gets and shares information. So, what if we spin using social media in the classroom in ways like this:

Class Promotion

What if students were able to share memorable moments that happen in their classroom? For example, what if students were so proud of a Google Slides presentation that they completed on the 13 colonies that they asked their teacher or friend to record it so he could share it on Facebook so others could see it? If this were to happen, the parents of this child could see the skills they are learning in this class. They could see the material that is being taught in their class. Students could get positive feedback from the “likes” and comments people post. This could be a way to turn social media into a tool that shares what students are learning in the classroom or a way to get positive feedback.

Posting Necessary Information

Google Classroom and OneDrive Teams are ways teachers post information for classes online. What if a teacher posts daily assignments, upcoming tests, and other pertinent information on Facebook? Well, let me ask you this question: “How many people have Facebook on their phones?” Let me give you some statistics first: There are 1.32 billion users on Facebook. Thirty percent of them use Facebook on their phones. That is about 396 million users. Seems like Facebook would be a great place to post this information that not only students will need but also the parents. This would keep everyone in the loop and makes everything easily accessible. Facebook (or a social media of the teacher’s choice) would bring a new meaning to the term Homework Board.


Oftentimes students leave the classroom and need help. Parents work or have other things they need to deal with during their busy day. What if a teacher creates a class page on Facebook? This would be a place where students could post a problem they were having with homework or a project. Students could get a timely response not only from their teacher if available but from another classmate. This would encourage “peer learning” and could basically turn a classroom into a positive support group. Also, when a peer teaches a peer, that is a powerful learning scenario.

These are just a few ideas of using Social Media in the classroom, and to be honest, the possibilities are endless.

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Author: Paul Naser has a degree in Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics and specializes in Special Education. Paul is Google Level 1 and 2 certified and extensively trained in the Promethean solution.