3 ways to get started using your Chromebox

Promethean's Chromebox

Instantly access your beloved Google apps

The Promethean Chromebox interface provides quick and easy access to all of your frequently used Google apps. To access your apps, simply select the Chrome icon at the bottom of your screen, then tap the square in the top right corner of your screen.

Your Google apps will now appear in the dropdown. Access your pre-created resources from your Google Drive, begin a Google Meet session, and more.

Deliver your pre-created lessons

No need to reinvent the wheel! Deliver your pre-created lessons from Google Slides, or open a resource from your Google Drive. Select Slideshow to display your lesson full screen. To exit full-screen mode, hold down your finger on the ActivPanel screen and tap Exit full screen when the menu appears, or connect a wireless keyboard and select the Esc button.

Enhance your lessons with the Promethean Classroom Essential apps

The Promethean Classroom Essential apps work in tandem with the Chromebox to enhance your lessons and engage your students. Access PDF worksheets from your Google Drive, then select the Annotate app from the Unified Menu to take notes and extend your discussions. Open the Spinner and Timer apps from your Locker to gamify your lessons. Save your work for further review by selecting the Capture app from the Unified Menu, then OPEN IN WHITEBOARD.

Easily save to your Google Drive by selecting the three dots from the Whiteboard toolbar, then Export PDF Screenshot. By selecting Save to Device, you may connect your Google Drive account using Promethean Cloud Connect and save directly to your Google Drive.

Extend your learning