3 Teacher Tips for a smooth transition back to in-person learning

A multi-ethnic group of four children wearing face masks sitting at a table with their elementary school teacher, a mid adult African-American woman in her 30s, wearing a mask and face shield. They have returned to school during the covid-19 pandemic.

What a year it has been! As you’ve navigated through a world of distance learning, one thing is clear: you can accomplish anything. As some of us transition back to the classroom for the last few weeks of school, here are a few tips to ensure the end of the year is a success.

Establish Rules and Expectations

You’ve been teaching for nearly a full school year, but the environment may look quite different. Set aside time to establish and re-establish your rules and expectations. Remember to give your students (and yourself) time to learn and process. Download a free classroom rules and expectations template for the Promethean Whiteboard App here.

Create Icebreakers

With anticipated nerves for the return of school, utilizing fun and engaging icebreakers is a telltale way to put minds at ease, get to know your students in person on a deeper level, and build community. Create a quick activity and let students race to the finish. Here’s some icebreaker inspiration from Innovative Teaching Ideas.

Check in with Your Students

Allow your students to share their thoughts and feelings. Having discussions about their emotions and stressors enables them to feel connected and in a trusted environment. Classroom brainstorm sessions can include temperature checks and mind maps on the ActivPanel.

Hats off to you for your hard work and dedication this year. You’ve accomplished so much, even through adversity, continual change, and a global pandemic. Even though your environment may not have been consistent this year, you were. Thank you for being there, and best wishes on the last few weeks of school.