3 apps to spark creativity on your interactive display

Young students using Promethean's ActivInspire

Creating reigns at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and is a challenging, but highly sought after set of skills by Gen Z youth across the globe. During lockdowns, remote learning, and pandemic isolation, students have turned to technology, music, and entertainment to fuel their imaginations and provide deeper connections.

Why is creating at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, and how do we, as teachers, foster opportunities to spark creativity and imagination?

Jonathan E., from Medium, articulates how creating is a learned approach that combines other elements of Bloom’s learning pyramid. It’s vital that as teachers, we include opportunities for daily practice into our lessons.

According to Jonathan:

…the foundation of creating is education!


Check out a few of our favorite creativity apps to add to your ActivPanel:

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a creative and collaborative application that allows any aged student to share their voice and create visual representations of anything they are learning.

Watch this video from our Appy Hour series, hosted by Promethean Education Consultants, to learn more about Pic Collage:


Incredibox is a music app that allows your students to create music with the help of beatboxers.

Learn more about Incredibox:

Sand Draw Sketch

Sand Draw Sketch is a creative and fun drawing sketchbook app that is a perfect way to allow your students to use their imagination.

Learn more about Sand Draw Sketch: